MAD Distribution was founded in 2013 to operate in Film & TV distribution niches currently not being served in the Arab-speaking-world. As a subsidiary under the flagship of MAD Solutions, the company addresses an urgent market problem faced by the growing number of award-winning independent Arab and international filmmakers whose works face major challenges in being seen in theatres outside the festival circuit where they have achieved acclaim and collected numerous prizes.

MAD Distributions' films have been to an extensive number of international festivals; including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Locarno, and Toronto. MAD has also offered film distribution and marketing grants for filmmakers at the festivals in Malmo Arab Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Carthage International Film Festival, The Cinema Days of Beirut, and Cairo International Film Festival.

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Alaa Karkouti


Co-Founder | Managing Partner | Film Analyst
Alaa Karkouti is a renowned Film Analyst, CEO and Co-founder of MAD Solutions and Co-founder of the Arab Cinema Center (ACC). He is an influential professional within the cinema ..... Read More
Maher Diab


Co-Founder | Creative Director | Managing Partner
In 2010, Maher co-founded MAD Solutions, the first pan-Arab studio dedicated to the promotion and distribution of the Arabic content to the Arab world and beyond. Diab is MAD Solutions' ........ Read More
Abdallah Al Shami


Managing Partner
A Lebanese National who was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, Abdallah is a Multimedia and Graphic Design graduate from the American University of Sharjah. With a short stint in two global..... Read More
Colin Brown


Managing Partner and Director of International Operations
Based in New York City, Colin is part of the senior team of Slated as Editorial Director, the private marketplace for accredited investors to track independent film projects online...... Read More

Moshira Farouk

Moshira Farouk

Cultural and Theatrical Distribution Manager
Moshira Farouk is the Culture and Theatrical Distribution Manager of MAD Solutions. She has been part of the MAD family for ten years, spending five of which fully dedicated to..... Read More
Meriame Deghedi

Meriame Deghedi

Distribution & Sales Manager
An arts and culture marketing professional, Meriame Deghedi has a penchant for disseminating the diversity of the cinematic art works and films d’auteur to the general public through..... Read More
Marwan Elshafie

Marwan Elshafie

Festivals Coordinator
An independent filmmaker and festivals coordinator at MAD Solutions, which provides integrated distribution and marketing services for Arab cinema and the entertainment...... Read More
Ahmed Mahmoud

Ahmed Mahmoud

Financial Manager and Theatrical Distribution Manager
Ahmed Mahmoud is the Financial Manager and Theatrical Distribution Manager in Egypt at MAD Solutions since 2013.Henceforth, Ahmed's effective ...... Read More