Oualid Mouaness

Oualid Mouaness is an independent Lebanese-American writer, director and producer. Alongside producing documentaries and films, Mouaness produced groundbreaking music videos for Hollywood’s A-list stars, including: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Lana Del Rey, and David Bowie. Mouaness' diverse work balances issue-driven material as well as entertainment. His projects cover a wide spectrum of media and visual experiences; namely Michael Jackson's posthumous live performance at the Billboard Music Award, Slave to the Rhythm (2014); Annie Lennox's Nostalgia (2015) for PBS which garnered an Emmy nomination for live stage direction by Natalie Johns and more recently, the socially aware Audience Award-Winning documentary I Am Thalente at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2015, released in 2016. Mouaness directed The Rifle, The Jackal, The Wolf and The Boy (2016) and he is currently preparing his debut feature as a film director.