Mohamed Khan

Since 1971, Mohamed Khan cemented his role as a salient director in the Egyptian and Arab filmmaking scenes. With a rich repertoire of more than 25 films, his works received over 30 international awards and recognitions. Between 1962- 63, Khan studied filmmaking at London School of Film Technique (nowadays known as The London Int. Film School). He joined the Script Department at the General Egyptian Company in 1963 before he moved to Beirut, where he worked as Assistant Director from 1963 to 1966. As a book author, Khan has under his belt two books namely; An Introduction to the Egyptian Cinema (London 1969), Outline of Czechoslovakian Cinema(London 1971) and A Director on the Road (Egypt 2016). His films received several awards and accolades in the Arab world and beyond, in addition, three of his films are listed on the 100 Greatest Arab Films of Dubai International Film Festival in 2013.