Seifollah Samadian

Born in Oroumieh, Iran, Seifollah Samadian is a graduate of English Literature who started his career as a photographer in 1968 and as a documentary filmmaker in 1978.
He’s also been involved as a jury member and curator of photo exhibitions at numerous national and international events. Moreover, he has conducted several workshops at different events and platforms.
Additionally, Samadian has been the founding director of the Annual Image Visual Arts Festival and Tassvir Film Festival since 2003. He’s also been running Tassvir (Image) Magazine as its founder and chief editor since 1991.
He made his first short documentary film, THE IRANIAN REVOLUTION, in 1979. The rest of his filmography includes INDIA 82; TEHRAN, FALL OF 83; THE WHITE STATION; TEHRAN, 25TH HOUR; THE ART OF KILLING; BAM, THE 3RD DAY, THE 10TH DAY; THE DAY YOU WERE NOT THERE; and ONCE UPON A TIME, MARRAKECH.