Bachir Abou Zeid

Director/writer Bachir Abou Zeid finished his undergraduate studies at the Lebanese International University and received a Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts, with emphasis on Translation and Interpretation. While working on his debut feature film, Bachir was awarded a full scholarship to pursue his graduate studies at the Met Film School - London, and graduated in October 2015 from the University of West London with an MA Degree in Filmmaking with an emphasis on Directing. His short films toured a number of film festivals and were internationally acclaimed. His latest film, Kalash, which was done as a Master’s Thesis, is a one shot 30 minute war drama. To date, the film has participated and won awards in more than 15 International film festivals. Throughout the past few years, Bachir worked on short films, his experience in film production includes producing, production designing, writing and directing. Mafkoud is his debut feature film.