Ali Mohammed Saeed

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Ali Mohammed Saeed is the Founder and CEO of Enki Film Academy in USA, which he established in 2013. He has also been the Executive Director of 3 Minutes 3 Days Film Festival in Iraq since 2017. He has a Master's degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, Central Michigan University, USA (2018) and an Associate Degree in Cinema and Audio from Lansing Community College (2016), and a Diploma of Filmmaking from New York Film Academy, USA (2011). In 2010, he worked as an Executive Producer at Alhadath Satellite Channel in Egypt. Before that he was the Media Manager at the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq in Jordan in 2005. He held the position of Editor-in-Chief at the Iraqi National News Agency in Jordan in 2003. He also worked as a journalist at the Iraqi American Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Iraqi Free Trade Newspaper in Jordan. Ali won the Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity for Best Playwright in the UAE in 2009. Mosul 980 is his first short film.