Ghassan ElKhouja

Ghassan ElKhouja is an Independent Filmmaker from Lebanon. He is a member of the Syndicate of Cinema Technicians in Lebanon and has worked as a Coordinator for the Tripoli Film Festival, as well as a Fulltime Lecturer and Coordinator of the Department of Media Communication, Faculty of Arts, AZM University. He attended the Institut Superieur National du Spectacle et des Arts de la Scene in Belgium. He also took several master classes for professionals in cinematography at the Lebanese Film Academy in 2001. He also obtained a diploma in writing and directing for Cinema from the Institute for the Performing Arts, Jounieh, Lebanon. He has a vast repertoire of films, including Home Builders, a short documentary that was nominated for Best Short Film at the Green Unplugged Online Film Festival (2009). In 2004, his documentary Ramadan Karim was nominated for Best Documentary at the Green Unplugged Online Film Festival. In 2003, his other short film Let’s Play was nominated for Best Short Film at the same festival.