Adel Ahmed Yehia

Adel Ahmed Yehia is a young Egyptian film director, who graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt. He started his cinematic career as an assistant director in 2004 in El Seif el Wardy TV series. During his studies, Adel worked on several films and TV series, including Imra'ah Fi Shaq el Te’ban (2007), Bobbos (2009), starring superstar Adel Emam, Na’am Mazelt Anesa (2010), Men Dahr Ragel (2016), and Ladaina Akwal Okhra (2018). His first documentary film, El Eslaheya (The Reformatory), won him an award. Adel directed his first short film Nada in 2017, which won many awards at regional and international film festivals.