Jane Spencer

After earning a degree in Theatre and Philosophy at the University of Texas, Ms Spencer moved to New York City, where she attended NYU and The Actors Studio Playwright/Director's Unit, which was run by Elia Kazan and Arthur Penn. She wrote and directed plays in New York City, and was a member of Circle Rep Lab. She also wrote and directed plays in London and Los Angeles, and is a published poet. Her first film, Little Noises, premiered at Sundance. Her second film, Faces On Mars (aka: Wake Up Running), premiered in Europe at Solothurn and she is preparing the film for distribution screenings. She completed her third feature film, The Ninth Cloud, in 2015 and produced by WARD9 Productions, has been in many festivals, garnered great reviews and was released in April 2018 in Europe and the UK and can be seen on iTunes and Amazon Prime in USA and UK. She is in Post Production for her fourth feature film, South of Hope Street, starring Tanna Frederick, Judd Nelson, William Baldwin, Asser Yassin, Jack McEvoy, Michael Madsen and Patricia Sluka, and has two other projects in development: 'The Velvet Gentleman' which will star Jean Hugues Anglade, and 'The Red Weather'. She has formed a film company, WARD9 Productions, and lives in Europe.