Ahmed Khaled Moussa

Ahmed Khaled Moussa is a filmmaker, visual and multi-media artist. In 2001, he graduated from Helwan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, with a specialization in Oil Painting. Khaled lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. Since 1996, Khaled has participated in several painting and drawing workshops and exhibitions. Between 2002 and 2004, he won numerous awards for his art work, including the Jury Prize at the 14th Annual Youth Art Saloon Competition, and First Place at the Helwan University Annual Competition. Throughout his career as a filmmaker and a video artist, Khaled has directed a number of documentaries and commercial TV advertisements. He works as a freelance artist and scriptwriter for several mainstream media outlets, including cinema and television production houses. In 2005, Khaled directed and produced his first independent film, "The 5th Pound".