Dima Hamdan

Dima Hamdan is a Palestinian journalist and filmmaker. She spent over ten years working with the BBC Arabic & World Service. The stories she covered during that time inspired many ideas for her short films and feature projects.
She has directed five shorts since 2007 in London, Amman and Berlin. Her latest short film, The Bomb, won the Best Female Director of the 2019 Ayodhya Film Festival in India, and received a Special Mention at the Festival del Cinema dei Diritti Umani di Napoli.
As a screenwriter, she won the Shasha Screenwriting Grant by the Abu Dhabi Film Commission, the Goteborg Development Fund and the Royal Film Commission Production Fund for her previous feature project, The Kidnap. The same project was selected for HOTHOUSE -a Development Atelier by the London Film School, the Rawi-Sundance Middle Eastern Screenwriters’ Lab, Babylon International, and Med Film Factory.