Mahmoud Kamel

Mahmoud Kamel is a well known Film director in the Middle East. He was born in Cairo, Egypt where he studied filmmaking in the Higher Institute Cinema and graduated with high honors. He made several short films that were selected for submission to festivals and were awarded by festivals. Shortly after graduation, he won The Most Creative Achievement as a promising artist. He was selected and sent to Italy to study filmmaking and visual effects. His ambition and determination led him to work in prominent and well known FX studios, in Italy, such as Proxima and Seuveus. Additionally, he was given the opportunity to work as an Assistant Director for Italian TV on the renounced show "Roma." Mahmoud attended many festivals across the world, including Festival De Cannes, Venice Film Festival, and Berlin International Film Festival. After gaining these experiences, Mahmoud went back to his home country and began his own projects. The first project he worked on after his return was a psychodrama titled, "Mekano." This film starred lead actors in the Middle East. As filmmaking is Mahmoud's passion, he finds addressing people's concerns in film creates more meaning and interest in what his audience choose to watch. To address the fears we face as human beings, Mahmoud created the thriller, "Adrenaline."His next project was titled, "Adam's Village." This film noted the importance of friendship and the effects of corruption on our society. Mahmoud earned a Master's Degree from UCLA, in Independent Filmmaking and Production, which was granted to him by Fulbright Commission. After his graduation from UCLA, he went back to Cairo to continue his passion. He directed several popular TV shows in Egypt. He then moved to Dubia and and worked with the largest network they have in the country. This last project focused on the hardships young Arab men face when leaving their countries to pursue better lives for their families and themselves. At this time he resides between Egypt and the United States and he is the co-owner of Handmade Movies LLC.