Saleh Al-Khataybeh

Saleh Al-Khataybeh is a Jordanian filmmaker from the city of Zarqa with a BA in Mechatronics Engineering. After deciding on a career shift, Saleh started attending film workshops with the Royal Film Commission of Jordan. After a series of workshops, Saleh was able to gain respectable knowledge from renowned local and international industry professionals in digital filmmaking, editing, scriptwriting, directing, acting, lighting, sound recording, documentary filmmaking, producing, and cinematography. Apart from directing a short fiction film in 2018, he also assisted trainers during some of the workshops held by the Royal Film Commission. In 2019, Saleh directed a 30-minute fiction film titled ‘Truce.’ The film is now in the distribution stage. Saleh is currently directing two upcoming short films, and recently, he started working on his first feature film, which is still in the development phase.