Khalid Alharbi

Khalid AlHarbi is a Saudi writer and filmmaker who has won several awards for his work. He worked on many Saudi and Arab projects, but it was the 12-season children's show Baba Farhan Stories that made him famous as a writer.
Khalid is one of a few Saudi actors to break out of the local scene to take part in other non-Saudi projects across the Arab region, building a repertoire of over 100 roles.
He previously won a number of awards, including the Golden Award from the Gulf Radio and Television Festival for his series Ayam w Laialy, and the Jury Award from the Janadriyah Festival for his play Wagba Saria'a.
AlHarbi was also the founding member of the Saudi Theater Association and is an advisor for the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts in Jeddah.