Mohamed Fawi

Mohamed Fawi is a 31-year-old Khartoum-based Freelance Producer, Director, and Impact Producer. After graduating from Telecommunications engineering, he pursued a career in filmmaking, majoring in independent film production.
He produced and directed various documentaries in Sudan for UN agencies, NGOs, Ministries, businesses, and cultural organisations. He also worked with the Goethe Institute, the British Council, UNDP, UNICEF, USAID, the Ministry of Health, Zain Telecom, and the GIAD.
Furthermore, he produced documentaries, video clips, and news stories for SWR, BBC, Qatar Foundation, and IFA-Germany.
He directed "Wheat Trap," a one-hour documentary that aired on Alaraby TV in London and was shown at several screenings and talks in Khartoum on the reasons for and effectiveness of international aid in the third world.
Moreover, he worked as a studio coordinator and main trainer for the Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF) in Egypt during their annual camps for young people in 2014 and 2015.
Lately he got trained and selected as a regional trainer for The Impact labs in the Arab world and north Africa by (Doc Society – London) and (Beirut DC – Beirut), to deliver the theory of the social impact for films.