Salvatore Allocca

Italian director, creative producer and screenwriter Salvatore Allocca earned his bachelor’s degree in Literature and Cinema. He founded his film and TV production company Vega’s Project in 2006. In 2011, his feature film directorial debut How to Find in the Right Way the Wrong Man, distributed by 20th Century FOX, was theatrically released in Italy. His early films include a number of highly-acclaimed films including the short films Gunes, winner of the Best Short Film at the Palena International Film Festival in 2012, and Crackers, winner of the CinemAvvenire Award for Best Short Film at the CinemAvvenire Film Festival, Roma in 2006. Allocca has also directed, written, developed and produced commercials, music videos and documentaries, such as the documentary Negli Occhi (In the Eyes), winner of two awards at the Venice Film Festival 2009. In 2017, his second feature film Taranta on the Road was screened in the main competition at the Bif&st - Bari International Film Festival.