Azlarabe Alaoui

Azlarabe Alaoui Lamharzi is a Moroccan film director, screenwriter, producer, and a university professor who holds a Ph.D. in Audio-visuals and Cinema. Azlarabe has made a myriad of films in a wide array of genres. He has five short fiction films, Bidouza (2004), The Island of a Day (2005), See you in Volubilis (2006), Cedar Grains (2007), Izorane (2008) and The Blind and The Gypsy (2013). He also directed several TV films, such as: The Devil’s Powder (2009), Glass House (2010) and The Postman (2011). He moved to the next category of feature films by making Androman... Blood and Coal in 2012 that won 17 national and international awards.