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Director: Jihane Chouaib
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The film received Dubai Post Production Fund (Enjaaz).
The film stars the award-winning Iranian star Golshifteh Farahani, who starred alongside Leonardo Dicaprio in Body of Lies, becoming the first Iranian actress to take part in a Hollywood production since 1979.
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2016/ France - Switzerland - Belgium - Lebanon98 min/ Drama
Original Title
When Nada comes back to her homeland, Lebanon she finds her home turned into an abandoned house in ruins, haunted by the presence of her grandfather who disappeared mysteriously during the civil war. During her journey searching for her identity, more secrets and myths were revealed.
Golshifeh Farahni
Maximilien Seweryn
Julia Kassar
Mireille Maalouf
Screenwriter: Jihane Chouaib
DOP: Tommaso Fiorilli
Editor: Ludo Troch
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Production Company(ies)
Paraiso Production Diffusion
Nathalie Trafford
film festivals
Busan International Film Festival, South Korea
Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
Munich International Film Festival, Germany
Lebanese Film Festival, Lebanon
Panorama of the European Film, Egypt
Silk Road International Film Festival, Ireland
Mizna’s Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, USA
Beirut International Women Film Festival, Lebanon
Lebanese Movie Awards, Lebanon
film awards
Best Sound Design In A Lebanese Motion Picture to Béatrice Wick at the Lebanese Movie Awards, Lebanon
“Chouaib and Farahani impressively manage to draw the viewer in, with the specter of death and a thick air of secrecy hanging heavy over the proceedings from the first frame.” Boyd van Hoeij - The Hollywood Reporter

“This trilingual yet not especially talky debut [of Jihane Chouaib] ... seeks profundity in introspective silences.” Peter Debruge - Variety

“A film that is a perfect merger of visual and narrative storytelling, Chouaib’s mature use of the camera and the mise-en-scene form the perfect, yet at times melancholic ode to home and identity.” Alan Mehanna - An-Nahar