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BOODY: The Sumo Pharaoh
Director: Sarah Riad
A documentary that reveals the extraordinary story of BOODY, the first professional Sumo wrestler from Egypt, Africa & the Arab world in history.

The film won two awards and screened at festivals in Switzerland, Poland, Germany and the USA.
2016/ Egypt60 MIN/ Documentary Biography
BOODY, known by his wrestling name "Osunaarashi" (The Great Sand Storm), is the first Sumo wrestler of his kind ever to make it to the professional Sumo world in Japan. He is celebrated for being one of the most noted, strong wrestlers in the top Sumo ranks. The documentary brings out BOODY’s journey from "Al-Bagalt", the small village in the country side of Egypt where he grew up, all the way to Tokyo right into the one-of-a-kind professional Sumo world.
Abdelrahman Shaalan
Screenwriter: Sarah Riad
Sarah Riad
Largo Film Awards, Switzerland
Polish International Film Festival, Poland
Independent Days International Filmfest, Germany
Philadelphia Independent Film Awards, USA
Best Feature Documentary at the Annual Copenhagen Film Festival (CPH: DOX) 2017
Best Documentary at the Ouchy Film Awards (OFA) in Switzerland 2016
“Being Egyptian-Japanese, Sara Riad’s work attempts to combine both extraordinary cultures.” Egypt Independent-Farah Tawfeek