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The Band

Director: Albaqer Jafeer
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The first documentary about music to be filmed in Sadr city in Iraq, despite the violence and conflicts there.
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2017/ Iraq - Lebanon67 min/ Documentary musical
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The film tells the story of Hulm Band that is made up of six musicians who are sparing no efforts to fulfill their dream of playing Sufi music in their hometown, Sadr city, Iraq. They only face one dilemma, which lies in the fact that they can get murdered for playing music in a city where music is forbidden. In 67 minutes, the film follows the band members as they open up to the film’s director, Albaqer Jafeer, on their dreams, aspirations, and the reality in which they find themselves.
Hulm Band Members:
Fahd Abdul Rahman
Muntadher Sada
Ali Hussien
Mustafa Faleh
Hasan Qahtan
Medyan Mohammed
Abu Hatem
Abd Rabbh
Screenwriter: Albaqer Jafeer
DOP: Albaqer Jafeer
Editor: Deena Charara
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Albaqer Jafeer
film festivals
film festivals Arabisches Filmfestival Tübingen (Arab Film Festival Tübingen) in Germany
film awards
film awards Special Mention (Albaqer Jafeer) at the Oran International Arabic Film Festival in Algeria