Beta Version
The Borrowed Dress
Director: Leen Alfaisal
Landed world premiere at the the London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema
2017/ UAE - Jordan - Lebanon - Syria54 min/ Documentary - Drama
Original Title
Toub Al E’yra
Since all of her seven sons and daughters left Syria seeking refuge worldwide, 80-year-old Susu found herself with no choice but to leave Damascus and move to Dubai to live with her daughter’s family. However, she remains in constant conflict with her children, as she struggles despite her failing health to convince them of returning her to her now-empty, lifelong home in Damascus. Will Susu have a chance to see her lifelong home again?
Siham Abu Nabbout
Doaa Al Zoabi
Saad Alkuwatly
Screenwriter: Leen Alfaisal
DOP: Leen Alfaisal
Editor : Leen Alfaisal
Production Company(ies)
Crowdfunding Campaign
Creative Media Solutions
Sarah Hassan
Alaa Alasaad
London Filmmaker International Festival, UK
Silk Road International Film Festival, Ireland