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From Under the Rubble

A film by Anne Tsoulis
The film is a high impact documentary that prompts us to examine the personal, emotional and psychological toll of armed conflict on defenseless civilian populations, in particular, women and children.
From Under the Rubble Poster
2017/ Australia - Palestine
85 min/ Drama - war
During the Gaza War in 2009, the Israeli ensuing raids, which sparked a wider humanitarian crisis and the collapse of infrastructure and basic services, caused 1,417 Palestinians were killed and thousands more were injured and many left permanently disabled. The majority were women and children.
Screenwriter: Anne Tsoulis
Editor: Sam Hardy, Ken Sallows
DOP: Fady Hannona
Production Company(ies)
Shining Light Productions
Marie Press
Anne Tsoulis
Adelaide Film Festival, Australia
Asia Pacific Screen Awards,Australia
Palestinian Film Festival, Australia
“FROM UNDER THE RUBBLE is a high impact feature length documentary” The Screen Guide