Director: Hajar Alnaim
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A thriller about the human cost of terrorism and its effects throughout the world.
The film features a stellar international cast such as Maria Zriek (Oscar Nominated Short AVE MARIA) and American star Bradley Gregg.
Made its world premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF).
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2017/ USA 25 min/ Short, Drama, Thriller
Original Title
The film follows Lara, a Syrian refugee girl who has fled to the United States to escape the violence in her home country. However, when detained by the US authorities due to her father’s alleged terrorist activities, the audience is torn between truth and assumption, as she struggles to prove her innocence.
Maria Zreik
Bradley Gregg
Pamela Shaddock
Anthony Batarse
Screenwriter: Hajar Alnaim
Stephen Martin
DOP: Mike Buchbauer
Huan Manton
Editor: Kyle Troxell
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Abdullah Al Johani
Stephen Martin
film festivals
Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Jordan
“Young Hajar Alnaim was able to introduce a new idea in directing a film that tackles terrorism titled ‘Detained’.” Latifa al Melhem - Alyaum (Arabic)