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Received the ENJAAZ - Dubai Film Market's Post-production Fund.
The film was sponsored by From The Heart Productions and the Industry Lab at the New York Film Academy.
Screened at a number of prestigious festivals, including Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), and Malmo Arab Film Festival.
Screened as part of “Hope” program by Anhar Network For Human Right Films, in the light of spreading cultural awareness in Tunisian prisons and rehabilitation centers.
Lollipop Poster
2017/ KSA - UAE - Morocco - USA13 min/ Short, Drama
Original Title
A 14-year-old Muslim girl experiences the onset of puberty, meaning she must begin wearing a full black niqab. When her tormentor at school swipes her jacket, a case of mistaken identity exposes the perversity of the bully’s father.
Malak Radwan
Ayman Samman
Sarah Alhazmi
Screenwriter: Hanaa Saleh Alfassi
Shannon Emigh
DOP: Konstantin Frolov
Editor: Shannon Emigh
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Production Company(ies)
Axe Pictures
Hanaa Saleh Alfassi
Shannon Emigh
film festivals
Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
Arab Women Film Festival, Sweden
Medfest Egypt, Egypt
Sharm El-Sheikh Asian Film Festival (SAFF), Egypt
Al Ain Film Festival, UAE
Cinetopia Film Festival, USA
Festimaj International School Film Festival, France
Festival des Cinémas Arabes à Paris, France
Oran International Arabic Film Festival, Algeria
Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Jordan
Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden
Houstan Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival, USA
Hip Hop Film Festival, USA
Katra Film Series, USA
Pentedattilo International Short Film Festival, Italy
Porto7 - Oporto International Short Film Festival, Portugal
Alexandria Short Film Festival, Egypt
“Lollipop defies taboos from confronting women’s sexualisation to publicly discussing menstruation.” Eman Bahrani - Banat Collective