Joe Bullet

Director: Louis de Witt
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The film was banned in 1973 by the Apartheid Government, and has been digitally re-mastered and will be seen for the first time in 40 years.
One of the first South African films featuring an all-African cast, and starred Ken Gampu, one of the first black South African actors to appear in Hollywood films.
Joe Bullet Poster
1973/ South Africa77 min/ Action, Blaxploitation
When a mysterious gangster starts sabotaging soccer team The Eagles’ chance at winning the upcoming championship final, there is only one man who can save the day... Joe Bullet.
Ken Gampu
Abigail Kubeka
Jimmy Sabie
Joe Lopez
Screenwriter: Tonie van der Merwe
DOP: Louis de Wit
Editor: Oscar Burn
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Production Company(ies)
Gravel Road Entertainment Group
Bullet Films
Tonie van der Merwe
film festivals
Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
Syndney Film Festival, Australia
Cinémas d’Afrique Festival, Switzerland
11mm Fußballfilm Festival, Germany
KASKcinema Ghent, Belgium
Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival, UK