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Taranta on the Road
Director: Salvatore Allocca
Starring French-Tunisian actress Nabiha Akkari, who starred in successful international films, including Michael Haneke's film, Happy End, which was nominated for the Palme d'Or award at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.
Made by award-winning Italian filmmaker Salvatore Allocca.
2017/ Italy80 min/ Comedy, Drama, Musical
A man and a woman, illegal immigrants with nothing in common, find themselves travelling together just landed in Italy from North Africa and having to pretend to be a married couple in the eyes of three Italian musicians in crisis whom have decided to help them to reach Paris.
Nabiha Akkari
Helmi Dridi
Giandomenico Cupaiuolo
Emmanuele Aita
Alessio Vassallo
Bianca Nappi
Screenwriter: Emiliano Corapi, Salvatore Allocca, Amara Lakhous in collaboration with Luca De Benedittis
Editor: Gemma Barbieri
DOP: Federico Annicchiarico
Production Company(ies)
Emma Film, Marvin Film, Vega’s Project
Salvatore Allocca, Daniele Esposito, Giacobbe Gamberini
Fabrique Du Cinéma Awards, Italy
Bifest - Bari International Film Festival, Italy
Saturno Film Festival, Italy
SOUQ Film Festival, Italy
Ortigia Film Festival, Italy
Best Soundtrack at the Cerase Film Festival, Italy

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