Beta Version
Between Two Seas
Director: Anas Tolba
The film sheds light on the tragic circumstances of women in the rural communities in Egypt.
The film is the feature debut of director Anas Tolba.
2018/ Egypt87 min/ Drama, Feature
Original Title
Bein Bahrin
While on a short visit to her home village, a small rural island in near Cairo, Zahra’s daughter is exposed to a tragic accident. Following this incident, Zahra persists on getting her daughter’s right and insists on not only continuing her education but also benefiting her community. The film sheds light on different societal issues faced by women, especially in rural areas.
Fatma Adel, Yara Goubran, Tharaa Goubail, Mahmoud Fares, Arfa Abdel Rassoul, Lobna Wanas
Screenwriter: Mariam Naoum, Amany El Tounsy
Editors: Yamen Zakaria
DOP: Fawzy Darwish
Production Company(ies)
Aswan International Women Film Festival, Egypt
Nut Award for Best Film Addresses Women’s Issues, and the Best Director award at the Aswan International Women Film Festival, Egypt