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The Giraffe
Director: Ahmed Magdy
Director Ahmed Magdy’s debut feature film.
A film that delves into the lives of a group of independent women and monitors their way of life.
The film addressed the issue of the Giza Zoo giraffe poetically.
Highly acclaimed by many Arab critics, including Essam Zakaria and Mohammed Rouda.
2018/ Egypt75 min/ Drama, Fantasy
Original Title
La Ahad Honak
Through the streets of the city that are void of all but its ghosts, Ahmed is lost and depleted of faith. Tonight, he must save a girl he doesn’t know by getting her enough money to have an abortion. Ahmed is swallowed into the madness of the city as he embarks on a surreally journey where he finds himself involved with an eccentric group of young people lead by an enigmatic girl who is trying to uncover the mystery behind the Giraffe hidden at the zoo.
Amr Hosny, Shaza Moharam, Haydi Koussa, Salma Hassan, Rasha Magdy, Mohammed El Badawy, Osama Gawish
Screenwriter: Ahmed Magdy
Editors: Essam Ismail
DOP: Ahmed Magdy
Production Company(ies)
Garage Art Production, Utaco Digital Film, Fig Leaf Studio
Ahmed Magdy
Mahmoud Lutfy
Mark Lutfy
Mahmoud Eissa
Festival International du Film Transsaharien de Zagora, Morocco
Marrakech International Film Festival, Morocco
Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt
Luxor African Film Festival, Egypt
Cairo Cinema Days, Egypt
Aswan International Women Film Festival, Egypt
Beirut Women Film Festival, Lebanon
Goethe Film Week, Alexandria, Egypt

The Hollywood Reporter- John Defore

Variety- Nick Vivarelli

"The Giraffe is the film of the year. With its fascinating sequence, discerning visual language and innovative style, it represents a nearly untapped experience that is rarely met with success in Egyptian cinema." - Film Critic Mohamed Rouda