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The Healer

Director: Mohamed Zineddine
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The film describes the cultural transformation in the Moroccan society because of poverty.
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2018/ Morocco - Italy - Qatar 110 min/ Drama
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On the outskirts of Khouribga, a mining town exploiting phosphates, a 16-year old teenager, Abdou, helpful and caring, simple and down to earth, incapable of harm, is anxious to regain the gift of human dignity through learning how to read and write. His adoptive mother Mbarka, a midwife, the neighborhood’s healer, protects her privileged status with ways that the laws of obscurantism allow her. Ch’aayba is an eccentric pickpocket. Suffering from a skin disease, Abdou convinces him to come see Mbarka in order to get treatment for it: that’s how the fate of these three will entangle, twirling on the carrousel of illusion.
Ahmed Moustafid
Fatima Atif
Mehdi Laarroubi
Hanane Elkabani
Nosrine Adam
Screenwriter: Olivier Bombarda
Mohamed Zineddaine
DOP: Luca Coassin
Editor: Devin Eric
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Rachida Saadi
film festivals
film festivals Festival International du Film de Marrakech, Morocco
film festivals Luxor African Film Festival, Egypt
film awards
film awards Best Actress for Fatima Atef at the Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden