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Received many grants, including the Spring Grant 2014 – Development Stage from the Doha Film Institute, Catapult Film Fund – Development Stage, Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie Prize, IDFA Bertha Europe Fund, and the Berlinale Talents Doc Station Prize. The film was supported by the WDR, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, and the Beirut Cinema Platform.
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2018/ Egypt - Germany - Qatar86 min/ Documentary
Recent terror attacks have brought tourism in Sharm El Sheikh to a halt. Dreamaway follows a group of young workers of a luxury hotel compound, holding onto the town despite the lack of tourists. Returning home is not an option, as they have absorbed the liberal lifestyle and experience the difficulty of fitting back into their own culture. Sharm El Sheikh has been for a long time a dream destination for young Egyptians, representing a place of freedom and easy money. Clichés and stereotypes of both western and oriental culture clash and create a carousel-like experience, elevating the young Egyptians into a dream-like state. They lead a double life in the shadow of the shiny shimmering hotel facades, as their families are unaware of the sinful temptations in town. In the absence of tourists, all are facing an uncertain future. It leaves them in a vacuum of lacking opportunities, both on a financial and personal level, leading them to an existential quest about their identity.
Screenwriter: Johanna Domke
Marouan Omara
DOP: Jakob Beurle
Editor: Gesa Jäger
Louly Seif
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Production Company(ies)
Fig Leaf Studio
Fruitmarket Kultur und Medien
Roman Roitman
Mark Lotfy
Arne Birkenstock
film festivals
film festivals Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic
film festivals El Gouna Film Festival, Egypt
film festivals Chicago International Film Festival, US
film festivals Bergen International Film Festival, Norway
film festivals Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), Egypt
film festivals BFI London Film Festival, UK
film festivals Sharm El-Sheikh Asian Film Festival (SAFF), Egypt
film festivals Beirut Cinema Days, Lebanon
film awards
film awards The Bronze Prize for Best Artistic Contribution at the Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF), Egypt
The Critics’ Choice Award at the Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland