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I Have A Picture

Director: Mohamed Zedan
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Received grants from the DocMed Workshop and the Final Cut Workshop at the Venice International Film Festival.
Winner of four awards.
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2017/ Egypt72 Min/ Documentary
Original Title
Film No. 1001 in the Life of the Oldest Extra in the World
With the help of Kamal El Homossany, one of the oldest assistant directors in Egypt, Zedan, a young indie filmmaker, is making a documentary about Motawe Eweis, who has worked as an extra in about 1000 Egyptian films since the forties till now. Zedan finds himself stuck between how he wants to make his documentary and how the two old friends view filmmaking in general. As an extra, Motawe is expecting the director to tell him what to say and do to play his role. As an assistant director, El Homossany finds ways to dramatize every situation and help his friend, Motawe, to get into character. Between both, the idea of fake or real is questioned and the difference between fiction and documentary seizes to exist. A game of power rises between El-Homossany and Zedan, where Zedan realises that we are all obliged to live our lives like Motawe; cinema extras. We all live just like accessories in the background image, waiting for a chance to become the star, a chance that may never come, leaving us extras all our lives.
Motawe Ewais
Kamal EL-Homossany
Mohamed Zedan
Screenwriter: Mohamed Zedan
DOP: Mohamad EL-Hadidi
Editor: Mayye Zayed
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Production Company(ies)
Fig Leaf Studios
Rufy’s Films
Mark Lotfy
film festivals
film festivals Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema, Egypt
film festivals El Gouna Film Festival, Egypt
film festivals Sharjah Film Platform (SFP), UAE
film festivals Tripoli Film Festival, Lebanon
film festivals Egyptian National Film Festival, Egypt
film awards
film awards Best Documentary Film - Sharjah Film Platform (SFP), UAE
Gold Star for Best Arabic Documentary Film - El Gouna Film Festival, Egypt
Best Documentary Film - Tripoli Film Festival, Lebanon
Jury Award for Best Documentary Film more than 15 minutes - Egyptian National Film Festival, Egypt
"From an extra to a hero, a long journey that exceeds all your expectations." Yasmine Akram, Manshoor (Arabic)