Director: Marc Salameh
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The film screened at 10 regional and international film festivals.
Received the Spring Grant 2013 - Development Stage from the Doha Film Institute.
NightShift Poster
2018/ Lebanon13 min/ Black Comedy
Original Title
Taami Al Samakat
It’s night. It’s the Night Shift. One man has to watch over the factory. What secrets will the night bring to this empty place?
NightShift follows a factory security guard who suffers from short-term memory loss, which makes him write down what is required of him immediately to remember. When he hears the news of the factory owner’s daughter being kidnapped, his nightshift turns upside down.
Issam Bou Khaled
Sobhiya Al Najjar
Marc Asmar
Nay Azar
Georges Matar
Screenwriter: Marc Salameh
DOP: Tony Hatem
Editor: Zeina El Khatib
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Marc Salameh
film festivals
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, USA
Edinburgh Independent Film Awards, UK
Mishkal Festival, Beirut, Lebanon
Arab Short Film Festival, Lebanon
International Independent Film Awards (IIFA), USA
Arizona Short Film Festival, USA
Dallas Independent Film Festival, USA
Cabriolet Film Festival, Lebanon
Elia Film Festival, Palestine
Festival of Cinema NYC, USA
Burbank International Film Festival, USA
Festival International du Film Amateur de Kélibia (FIFAK), Tunisia
Arctic Film Festival, Norway
Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon
Beirut Shorts, Lebanon
Les Journées de l'Art et de la Culture de Kfar Sama, Lebanon
Lahazat Film Festival, Lebanon
Canada Film Festival, Canada
Lebanese Film Festival, Canada
Karama Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF), Jordan
Lebanese Independent Film Festival (LIFF), Lebanon
film awards
Best Arab Student Short Film at the Arab Short Film Festival, Lebanon
Silver Medal at the International Independent Film Awards (IIFA), USA
Best Student Director at the Arizona Short Film Festival, USA
Best Director and Best Actor at the Lahazat Film Festival, Lebanon
Award of Excellence for First Time Filmmaker at the Canada Film Festival, Canada
Best Short Film at the Arctic Film Festival, Norway
Best Cinematography Award at the Lebanese Independent Film Festival (LIFF), Lebanon