Sunday Market: Tripoli

Director: Yahya Mourad
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By following the five main dwellers of Tripoli's Sunday Market, showing their intimate stories, regrets, joy, and struggles, this creative feature documentary explores the nuances of life in the city in the context of poverty and survival. Usually treated like "strangers", even by the inhabitants of the city itself, the people in these marginal areas lack a voice of their own, but they deserve to be heard and known.
Sunday Market: Tripoli Poster
2018/ Lebanon16 min/ Short
Original Title
Souq El A’had Tarablos
In the wake of various conflicts, the Lebanese Civil War and the Syrian occupation, some ex fighters from different nationalities decided to “step out”. In order to escape everything, they settled on the margins of Tripoli, Lebanon’s second city and henceforth have gained a sense of belonging from a flea market, the “Sunday Market”. Where they believe to have found ultimate freedom.
DOP: Yahya Mourad
Editor: Yahya Mourad
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Yahya Mourad
film festivals
São Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brazil
Rencontres Internationales Du Documentaire De Montreal (RIDM), Canada
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France
Urban Films Festival, Paris, France
San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, Spain
Sharjah Art Foundation's Film Festival, UAE
Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival, Lebanon
Notre Dame University-Louaize International Film Festival (NDUIFF), Lebanon
Journées Cinématographiques d'El Hamma, Tunisia
film awards
Golden Olive Award for Best Independent Film at the Notre Dame University-Louaize International Film Festival (NDUIFF), Lebanon
“…This documentary is a unique experience that deserves to be watched.” Feras Massarani - Bidayyat (Arabic)