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The Exile

Director: Medhat Maged
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With an exceptional cinematography and editing style, the film delves into the world of psychology, using a new approach in introducing mental patients. Unlike most films addressing mental illness, this film gives patients the chance to talk about their own feelings and how they perceive the world.
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2016/ Egypt13 min/ Short, Documentary
Original Title
El Manfa
How do patients of the Abbasia Hospital for Mental Health see the world? Do they prefer to stay there or get out?
Screenwriter: Medhat Maged
DOP: Ibrahem El Nagary
Editor: John Joseph
Medhat Maged
film festivals
film festivals Mediterranean Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
film awards
film awards Best Short Documentary at the Festival International du Film de l'Etudiant, Casablanca, Morocco
Jury Award for Best Short Documentary at the Egyptian National Film Festival, Egypt
Jury Award for Best Short Documentary at the Alexandria Short Film Festival, Egypt