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Timeless Beauty

Timeless Beauty Poster
2018/ China, France85 min/ Documentary
In a controversial industry and a particularly standardized environment, there is a tendency, a movement, against the current of the dictates of beauty imposed on us by a society obsessed with youth. Timeless Beauty is an encounter with these catwalks new actors who are shaking up the codes and discovering a singular, timeless beauty. These senior models, now very popular within major fashion houses are joined by a wave of atypical models to the discourse committed to diversity. Around the world, these protagonists, rich in age-old charisma, tell their stories and dreams.
Yazeemenah Rossi, Phillipe Dumas, Catherine Loewe, Daphne Selfe
Screenwriter: Marianne Rosenzweig
DOP: Deyan Parouchev
Editor: Alberto Iordanov
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Production Company(ies)
Shenzhen Artking Culture Media CO.LTD, Alien Production
Quan Zhongyu, Meganne Liron