Five O’clock

Director: Ayman Al-Shatri
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World premiered at the Dubai international Film Festival, UAE within the Muhr Gulf Short competition.
Won international awards, including the Best Second Movie - Film Competition from Iraq at the Qumrah International Film Festival, Iraq.
Screened at a number of international festivals, including Malmö Film Festival
Five O’clock  Poster
2016/ Iraq14 min/ Drama
Original Title
Al Sa’a Al Khamisa
A suicidal person believes everyone deserves to die, but he soon discovers that he desperately needs help. Death is not a solution.
Karam Thamer
Safa Najem
Karrar Al Mahdi
Screenwriter: Ameer Ihsaan
Ayman Al-Shatri
DOP: Ayman Al-Shatri
Editor: Ayman Al-Shatri
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Production Company(ies)
Tigers Scope
Gudea Center for Culture and Arts
Ayman Al-Shatri
film festivals
Dubai international Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
Sudan Independent Film Festival (SIFF), Sudan
Palestine Cinema Days, Palestine
Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon
Amarji International Film Festival For Short Films in Al Najaf, Iraq
Qumrah International Film Festival, Iraq
Malmö Film Festival, Sweden
Carthage Film Festival (JCC), Tunisia
film awards
Best Second Movie-Film Competition from Iraq at the Qumrah International Film Festival, Iraq
Special Mention at the Malmö Film Festival, Sweden
“The elements of the film, including acting, cinematography, editing and the intensive and moving dialogue, are very convincing.” Mahdi Abbas - Alnaked Aliraqi (Arabic)