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This is director Alejandra Marquez’s second film to make it to Toronto International Film Festival.

The film is inspired by the famous Guadalupe Loaeza's satirical writings on some of the country's richest, yet in many ways, least powerful citizens.
2018/ Mexico93 min/ Drama
Original Title
Las niñas bien
Sofia has been spoiled since her childhood, she is the queen bee of her group of friends. Now with a husband and a respectable family, she finds herself facing what she never imagined would happen… her social decay! Set in the 1982, the film follows Sofia and her family as they face the big economic crisis that is hitting Mexico. Trying hard to keep a strong front and pretend that she is not struggling, Sofia’s fall not only will be inevitable, it will also acknowledge what is lost when the money is gone.
Ilse Salas
Flavio Medina
Cassandra Ciangherotti
Screenwriter: Alejandra Márquez Abella
DOP: Dariela Ludlow
Editors: Miguel Schverdfinger
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Production Company(ies)
Woo Films
Rodrigo S. Gonzalez Ortiz, Gabriela Maire
film festivals
film festivals Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland
film festivals Malaga International Film Festival, Spain
film festivals International Film Festival & Awards ‧Macao, China
film festivals Toronto International Film Festival, Canada
film festivals Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece
film festivals Ciné Latino Film Festival, Australia
film festivals Rome International Film Festival, USA
film festivals Chicago International Film Festival, USA
film festivals Morelia International Film Festival, Mexico
film festivals Marrakech International Film Festival, Morocco
film festivals Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia
film festivals Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden
film festivals Hong Kong International Film Festival, China
film awards
film awards Grand Prix for Best Film, Fribourg Film Festival, Switzerland
Awards for Best Latin American Film, Best Screenplay & Best Editing, Malaga Film Festival,Spain
Audience Award, Macao International Film Festival, China
“Márquez Abella keeps things tight, and intimate, her closeups presenting a parade of small, mounting embarrassments”- Stephen Whitty (Screen Daily)