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Good Morning

Director: Bahij Hojeij
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Through an amusing, light-hearted and intense dialogue, we dive deeper to learn the complex traditions, conflicts and reality of the Arab world, especially the Lebanese. These rich and diverse treatments is done without forcing anything in to the script which makes the film running smoothly and naturally.
The film has won four awards and was nominated for more awards, including Best Feature Film at MAFF and Best Arabic Film at Cairo International Film Festival.
The film’s script writer Rashid al-Daif is a well-known Lebanese author, whose novels have been translated into 12 languages; he was nominated for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction.
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2018/ Lebanon - France86 min/ Comedy - Drama
In a modern coffee shop, a general, aged 78, and an army doctor, 81, come to play crosswords in order to preserve their memory and fight against oblivion.
Through an amusing intense dialogue, we enter the thoughts of our two main characters and other characters around them in the coffee shop to find ourselves in a head of a well painted portrait of the Lebanese scene between the present and the past.
Gabriel Yammine
Adel Chahine
Rodrigue Sleiman
Maya Dagher
Screenwriter: Rachid El Daif - Bahij Hojeij
Cinematography: Milad Taouk
Sound: Raed Younane- Jean-Marc Shcik
Editor: Hussein Younes
Music: Wissam Hojeij
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Production Company(ies)
Cined Production
Online Films S.A.R.L
De Gaulle EiD
Bahij Hojeij
film festivals
film festivals Cairo International Film Festival, Cairo
film festivals Festival International du film d'auteur de Rabat, Morocco
film festivals The International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias Colombie, Colombia
film festivals Festival du film francophone à Athènes, Greece
film festivals l'MA -Institut du Monde arabe, France
film festivals Festival International du film oriental de Genève, Switzerland
film festivals Lebanese Films Awards, Lebanon
film festivals SIFF ( Shangai International Film Festival), China
film festivals Nuits du cinéma arabe, Amman-Jordan
film festivals Festival du film libanais au Canada, Montreal
film festivals Aflam du Sud, Brussels
film festivals Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden
film festivals Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia
film awards
film awards Prix du scénario and Prix de la meilleure interprétation masculine at Festival International du film d'auteur de Rabat, Morocco
Prix du meilleur scénario at Lebanese Films Awards, Lebanon
Best Director at Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden
“The film makes silent observations of things happening, and leaves the spectator the freedom to think about all of the discussions provoked by situations surrounding the coffee shop.” Daily News Egypt Team, Daily News Egypt

“Bahij Hojeij’s Good Morning is a very small yet immense film” Giovanni Vimercati, Film Comment