Director: Hicham Lasri
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The film deals with several segments of society and how their frustration and feelings of oppression control their lives by weaving six different stories into one.
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2018/ Morocco94 min/ Drama
A tragicomic story of several characters caught in a historic event; the cancellation of the sheep Aid in 1996: Lofti the amnesic, Mounir who is rejected by the family of the woman he wants to marry, a child who can’t understand this cancellation and a person who needs help to commit suicide.
Mostapha Houari
Salma Eddlimi
Zoubida Akif
Hassan Badida
Screenwriter: Hicham Lasri
DOP: Hicham Lasri
Editor: Zakaria Tibari
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Production Company(ies)
Lamia Chraibi
film festivals
Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt
Le Festival International du Film Grolandais de Toulouse, France
Arab Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands
Festival Maghreb Si Loin Si Proche, France
Le Maghreb des Films, France
Marrakech International Film Festival, Morocco
“Lasri weaves six plotlines into a surrealist mélange, which altogether creates a story about outcasts and their suppressors: a rape victim, a suicide, and an unmarried, pregnant woman. In pictorial terms, and the vocabulary is as symbolically charged as it is violently down to earth.” Katharina Cichosch and Daniel Urban - Schirn.de