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This is the first Saudi film to commercially release in Saudi cinemas.
All cast and crew are Saudi locals.
Gives an insightful perspective of Jeddah through the eyes of the young millennials.
Explores the legal struggles of filmmaking in the Kingdom.
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2018/ Saudi Arabia89 min/ Drama
Original Title
Omar Nizar is an aspiring filmmaker who decides to explore the history of his native city of Jeddah through the making of a film about it. Through his journey of struggle and discovery, Nizar is accompanied by a 70 year-old cinematographer who left behind his filmmaking career years ago to end up in an antique store.
Khaled Yslam
Shaher Alqurashi
Sarah Taibah
Screenwriter: Yaser Hammad
Abdulelah Alqurashi
DOP: Fadi Abu Ali
Editor: Mohamed Bakr
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Production Company(ies)
Cinepoetics Pictures
Abdulrahman Khouj
film festivals
Al Ain Film Festival, UAE
film awards
Best Film at the Al Ain Film Festival, UAE