Heads or Tails

Director: Hamid Ziane
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The film discusses the taboo topic of marital infidelity.
The film won multiple awards in Morocco, USA and Canada.
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2018/ Morocco90 min/ Adventure, Thriller
Original Title
Pile ou Face
Heads or Tails is a painting of a love doomed to failure, which traces the journey of three lives. It emphasizes the evil power of traditions in a world where values are blurred.
Mohamed Khouyi
Touria Alaoui
Khouloud Betioui
Abdelkader Bouzid
Screenwriter: Mohamed El Hor
DOP: Ziad Bouyahyaoui
Editor: Ghizlane Assif
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Production Company(ies)
Tokos 4
Abdelkader Bouzid
film festivals
Festival National du Film Tanger, Morocco
Festival Ciné Plage Harhoura, Morocco
Rencontre Nationale du Cinéma de la Marge de Guercif, Morocco
Open Days of Cinema and Woman in Kenitra, Morocco
Festival Cinéma des Peuples à Imouzzer, Morocco
Festival international du film de Fès (FIFF), Morocco
Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF), USA
Les Journées du Cinéma Marocain à Montréal, Canada
film awards
Best Narrative Feature at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF), USA
Best Actor and Best Director at the Les Journées du Cinéma Marocain à Montréal, Canada
"The film delves into societal issues to discuss marital infidelity and the resulting social tragedies that destroy family ties and the most sacred relationship between men and women." Shoeib Al Rashedy - Elaph (Arabic)

"It is the kind of film that does not only aim to gain viewers, but also to shed light on societal issues." Abdelaziz Bena'bo - Marocwood (Arabic)