On a Road

Director: Nawaf Al Janahi
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Made by award-winning Emirati director Nawaf Al Janahi, whose short film Mirrors of Silence (2006) screened at more than 20 regional and international festivals and won the Second Prize for Best Film at the MuslimFest Film Festival in Canada.
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2003/ UAE4 min/ Fantasy
Original Title
Ala Tareeq
A young man is sitting in boredom on the side of an endless road. After a while, he decides to go after something with a lot of determination. Is he going to get what he wants?
Nawaf Al Janahi
Screenwriter: Nawaf Al Janahi
DOP: Khalid Al Mahmood
Editor: Adel Swailem
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Production Company(ies)
Nawaf Al Janahi Films
Nawaf Al Janahi