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Director: Alaa Mosbah
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The film won a production grant from the Doha Film Institute (DFI).
Winner of the Best Actress at the Youssef Chahine Film Festival.
Tariq Poster
2012/ Egypt - Qatar10 min/ Drama
Original Title
About to turn 15, Tariq longs to free himself from his controlling mother. She interferes in his life, trying to play the role of two parents, as her husband has emigrated for work. When Tariq decides to test his manhood, he clashes with his mom yet again. This time, he makes his own decision.
Nour Akary
Nora Esmat
Screenwriter: Alaa Mosbah
DOP: Hany Fakhry
Mohamed Salama
Editor: Karim El Shamy
Alaa Mosbah
film festivals
film festivals Youssef Chahine Film Festival, Egypt
film festivals Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Qatar
film awards
film awards Best Actress at the Youssef Chahine Film Festival, Egypt