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The Servants

Director: Georges Hazim
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Inspired by a play by Jean Genet.
Explores the needs of depressed servants and their oppressive authority that led them to escape their reality through a game of role-play.
Employs an analytical technique where that suggests mankind as a mere laboratory experiment.
2017/ Lebanon8:31 min/ Drama
Original Title
El Khadam
While cleaning the chalet, two servants elaborate sadomasochistic rituals while their mistress is away. Until, things got carried away...
Bernadette Houdeib
Charbel Ziade
Screenwriter: Georges Hazim
DOP: Ralph Moussa
Editor: Georges Hazim
Georges Hazim
film festivals
Tripoli Film Festival, Lebanon
Lebanese International Short Film Festival, Lebanon
International University Festival Cine of Agadir, Morocco