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Les Petits Chats
Director: Sherif Nakhla
The film showcases interviews with major celebrities and cinema stars at that time and nowadays such as Ezzat Abu Ouf, Omar Khairat, Sobhi Bedair, Samir Sabri and others.
2015/ Egypt80 MIN/ Rocumentary
The film is named after the legendary band Les Petits Chats of the cherished era of the 60’s and 70’s. The six members, who are now major celebrities and musicians, were reunited to perform one last time in a night to remember in spring 2010. Les Petits Chats film provides an insight into the lives of the former bandmates during their glory days and answers the questions evoked within each one of them by tracing their present lives and life choices since their breakup in the 80’s.
Ezzat Abu Ouf
Omar Khairat
Sobhi Bedair
Samir Sabri
Mohamed Salmawy
Editor: Sherif Nakhla
DOP: Hani Iskander, Sherif Nakhla
Production Company(ies)
Middlewest Films
Wael Omar
Sherif Nakhla
World premiere at the 18th Arabian Sights Film Festival, Washington DC where it had two full-house screenings
Silk Road Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland
Cascade Festival of African Films, USA
Oshtoora Music Festival, Egypt
Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, Egypt
Cascade Festival of African Films in Portland, USA
Dubai International Film Festival (Cinetech platform), UAE
Arab Cinema Week in New York, USA
Twin Cities Film Fest, USA
“‘Les Petits Chats’ takes a nostalgia-rich journey with a rock band that embodied the 1960s golden era of popular culture in Egypt.” The National - Maha El Nabawi

“Sherif Nakhla, a filmmaker, decided to embark on a journey to uncover the riches of Egypt’s cultural golden age. His odyssey has resulted in Les Petits Chats, a rockumentary that brings back to today’s audiences the lost romantic feel of the band and their time.” Al-Ahram Weekly - Ati Metwaly