Huda's Salon

Director: Hany Abu-Assad
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Headlined by Arab stars with international films.
Helmed by a Golden Globe-winning director.
Inspired by a true story.
A feminist thriller.
A large Pan-Arab film production.
Social Media Potential: 580,000 followers (Total followers of the cast & crew on all paltforms)
Huda's Salon Poster
Palestine - Egypt
Based on real events, Huda’s Salon is a heart-racing, entertaining feminist thriller, where two women fight for their freedom. Nadia, a young mother married to a jealous man, goes to Huda’s salon in Bethlehem, for a haircut and an attentive ear. But this ordinary visit turns sour when Huda, after having put Nadia in a shameful situation, blackmails her to have her work for the secret service of the occupiers, and thus betray her people.
Ali Suliman
Samer Bisharat
Maisa Abd Elhadi
Manal Awad
Screenwriter: Hany Abu-Assad
Production Company(ies)
H&A Production
Film Clinic
MAD Solutions
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Hany Abu-Assad
Mohamed Hefzy
Amira Diab
Sawsan Asfari