Gaza Mon Amour

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Inspired by a true story that took place in Gaza in 2014.
Highlights complications and daily struggles in the Gaza Strip.
A star-studded cast with international films.
Directed by the Nasser brothers whose films were selected at the Cannes Film Festival.
The film was an official selection at the 2018 Berlinale Co-production fund from the Council of Europe in 2019, and grants from the Filmforderungsanstalt (FFA) and the Mini-Traité.
The film is produced by international companies
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2020/ France - Germany - Portugal - Palestine - Qatar85 min/ Drama
Gaza, today. Sixty-year-old fisherman Issa is secretly in love with Siham, a woman who works as a dressmaker at the market. Finally determined to propose, Issa discovers an ancient statue of Apollo in his fishing net, which he decides to hide at home. When local authorities discover the existence of this mysterious treasure, troubles start for Issa... Will he succeed to declare his love to Siham?
Hiam Abbass
Maisa Abd Elhadi
George Iskandar
Manal Awad
Screenwriter: Tarzan Nasser
Arab Nasser
Fadette Drouard
DOP: Christophe Graillot
Editor: Véronique Lange
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Production Company(ies)
Les Films du Tambour
Rani Massalha
Marie Legrand