Daughters of Abdulrahman

Director: Zaid Abu Hamdan
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Unfolds a dark comedy story about women.
Recipient of several grants and awards.
Helmed by an award-winning Director.
Starring Saba Mubarak.
A pan-Arab film production.
Social Media Potentials : 6,000,000 followers (Total followers of the cast & crew on all paltforms)
Daughters of Abdulrahman Poster
2021/ Jordan - USA - Qatar112 mins/ Drama - Comedy
Original Title
Banat Abdul-Rahman
In a lower-middle-class neighborhood in Amman, single and middle-aged Zainab lives a dreary existence as a local seamstress and her father’s keeper. After her father acci-dentally sees her in a wedding dress she is altering for her cousin – Zainab wakes up and finds her father missing – a man who gave reason for her existence.
Saba Mubarak
Hanan Hillo
Farah Bsaiso
Mariam Basha
Screenwriter: Zaid Abu Hamdan
DOP: Ahmad Jalboush
Editor: Dina Farouk
Production Company(ies)
Pan East Media
MAD Solutions
Arab Media Network
Zaid Abu Hamdan
Aya Wuhoush
Saba Mubarak