The Sea Ahead

Director: Ely Dagher
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An International film production.
Received multiple grants and awards.
Helmed by a Palm d'Or award-winning director.
The Sea Ahead Poster
2021/ Lebanon - Belgium - France115 min/ Drama
Original Title
Al Bahr Amamakoum
A young woman makes her way back home to her parents’ house in the middle of the night leaving a bad experience behind. Haunting pressures to fit back into the family dynamics as well as revealing details of her life abroad weigh heavy on her. Feeling cornered, her anxieties resurface, leading her to find solace in another part of her Beirut life that she had forsaken. A life that is for her as familiar and foreign now as it ever was.
Manal Issa
Yara Abou Haidar
Roger Azar
Screenwriter: Ely Dagher
DOP: Shadi Chaaban
Editor: Léa Masson
Ely Dagher
Production Company(ies)
Andolfi Production
Abbout Productions
Wrong Men
Beaver and Beaver
Arnaud Dommerc
Georges Schoucair
Benoit Roland
Ely Dagher