The Ghosts We Left at Home

Director: Faris Alrjoob
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Inspired by real life stories.
Unravels personal aspects of the director's life
The Ghosts We Left at Home Poster
2020/ Jordan - Germany21 min/ Drama
Original Title
أحن إليك، أحن إلي
The Ghosts We Left at Home is a raw and intimate portrayal of a man, and a city, doomed and in exile, and sinking to hit rock bottom. It plays in the margin of reality, where forces of the masculine and the feminine alternate, merge, attract and repel.
Nadeem Rimawi
Mohamed Nizar
Maisa Abdelhadi
Khaled Al Turaifi
Screenwriter: Faris Alrjoob
DOP: Laura Emma Hansen
Editor: Faris Alrjoob
Rebana John
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Production Company(ies)
Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Faris Alrjoob
film festivals
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany
Red Sea International Film Festival, KSA
Amman International Film Festival/Amman, Jordan
Cinema Arabe Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Minikino Film Week Bali– Bali International Short Film Festival,Indonesia
Malmö Arab Film Festival, Sweden
Winterthur International Short Film Festival, Switzerland
Internationales Frauenfilmfestival, Germany
Alexandria Short Film Festival, Egypt